4718018170047 Waterproof Helmet Bag (Black)

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Brand: Chern Yueh
EAN: 4718018170047
Size: W:50 x H:56 CM (30L) One size fits most full face, open face, motocross, half face, or vintage helmets.
Color: Black 
Material: Polyester

Product Description:
* Keeps your helmet completely protected from the elements (the lock not provided but you can lock it to the bike). Secure way to leave your helmet with your bike.    
* UV rays protection.    
* Nylon 70 D dual tex processing. 
* User friendly design and easy to carry.    
* 10,000mm waterproofing. 100% waterproof. Polyurethane coated and fully seam sealed for ultimate waterproofness.
* Heat Resistance: A short time can withstand high temperatures to 170 ℃, generally 130 ~ 170 ℃ between the continuous use, with significant thermal stability, it can work in the freezing temperature without embrittlement, not melting at high temperatures.
* Straightforward, versatile and reliable protection for your gear.
* Made of lightweight material. 
* Blocks sun rays and protects helmet from the dust.
* Fits most helmets (Buco, Shoei, AGV, Arai, Simpson, HJC, Gmax, KBC, Shark, Icon, Bell, and so on...). 
* High quality made in Taiwan (Not in China).