4718018178753 Chern Yueh Vintage Off-Road Helmet B (White)

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Brand: Chern Yueh
EAN: 4718018178753, 4718018178746, 4718018178739, 4718018178722
Size: S, M, L, XL
Color: White
Material: ABS
Product Description:
* Handmade stylish, rare, and beautiful shell. It has a normal fit.
Classic and comfortable inner. Removable and washable cheek and top pads.

Offer great air circulation to keep your head cool. Vintage and unique design. 
* UV rays protection. Blocks sun rays and protects your head.
Double D rings system (the basic requirement for DOT standards). Meets DOT, CNS, and SG safety standards. 

Perfect for Street Bike, Motorbike, Triumph Scrambler, Harley-Davidson, YAMAHA, HONDA XT/XL/XR/TT 500 250, Norton, Ducati, and so on...

* Chrome accented edging on shell and eye port.
High quality made in Taiwan (Not in China).