GLMOASSL09 X-static® Silver Fiber Waterproof Gloves


X-static® Silver Fiber Waterproof Gloves


Color: Black

Material: X-static® Silver Fiber, Silicone...

MOQ for OEM (Embroidery Logo): 1,000 Pairs


Compatible with touchscreen phones, laptops, MP3 click-wheel, and so on... The X-static® Silver Fiber finger and thumb pads let you have full control of your MP3 player's clickwheel, while the X-static® Silver Fiber tips mean that your iPhone's screen will play nice with them.

Waterproof, windproof, and breathable.

Silicone gripper palms and finger tip.

Perfect for Scooter, Street Bike, ATV, Motocross, Dirt Bike.

High quality.

What is X-STATIC®?


X-static® is a fiber made with layer of 99,9% pure silver, which is permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. It has been used primarily as an industrial and medical product, servicing high-tech industries and the Department of Defense.

More recently it has been thrust into consumer product markets as a result of the need for a safe, natural and effective antimicrobial solution. X-static® is a fiber antimicrobial, all natural, heat transfer, anti-static and therapeutic.


The X-static® fiber has a layer of pure silver permanently bonded to the surface of a textile fiber. The process is such that the fiber, with its silver layer, retains traditional textile and tactile characteristics. It can be used in knits, wovens and non-wovens as either a filament or spun yarn.

X-static® offers all the benefits known to be inherent to pure silver, only in a new format: a textile fiber.