4718018174533 Chern Yueh Goggles Mask (Black)


Brand: Chern Yueh
EAN: 4718018174533
Size: W:24 x H:19.5 CM One size fits most open face, half face, or vintage helmets.
Color: Black 
Material: PC

Product Description:
* Use optics design of the human body, have good exhaust ventilation, widely vision and can avoid strong winds, show grains, mirage, and all kind of strong light. The vintage style face mask originated back in the 70s in motocross.
* Removable mask. Upper and lower vents with foam filter. Filter lower face protetion. ABS raw frame. Higher hardened surface, good anti-chemical; and the stronger elasticity bring less deformation or any broken. Offer great air circulation to keep your head cool. 
The lens can be hardened, coated, anti-fog. After be hardened, the lens have good anti-impact and anti-scratch; after be coated, the lens have good anti-impact and anti-scratch and 100% anti-UV. 
* Sponge covered by corium. Safely cling to face, the softly and exquisite material void to bring any unsuitable feeling to face.
Adjustable non-slip and common high elastic strap. It can be adapted to any size of head-wear. Elastic band design of ultra wide band. 
* Meets CNS safety standards. 
* High quality made in Taiwan (Not in China).